About Murdoch art

John Murdoch is a classical artist, master instructor and founder of the non-profit Bucks County Classical Arts Center in New Hope, Pennsylvania. Here the apprentice-style atelier training of the masters is passed to the next generation of artists locally, nationally and internationally. He holds multiple copyrights and is producing books about his art and teaching methods. He is a leader in the atelier movement and in the field of classical figurative artwork.

He sells his work through gallery sales and commissions. John continues the historical connection between the classical figurative masters of the past and the traditions of the Bucks County Impressionists.

John has devoted decades to the art and craft of making his inner visions come to life on canvas. He produces portraiture, figurative and still life paintings with an otherworldly edge, often using hand-ground paints and gold leaf on wood panel or canvas.

His artistic lineage traces back directly, student to teacher, to 18th century luminary, Jacques Louis David. Today, he teaches using the same rigorous French “atelier” system of training that has been passed down through the centuries. One of John’s gifts is in making this difficult to master material accessible for a modern audience. His training includes The American Academy of Art in Chicago (on scholarship) and Atelier LeSueur in Minnesota. He won the John and Anna Lee Stacey Scholarship while finishing his studies at the School of Representational Art in Chicago.

His work has been shown internationally. Venues have included the Art Renewal Center International Salon; Richeson 75 Figure & Portrait International; Greenhouse Gallery Salon International; The Salmagundi Club; Ellarslie Museum in Trenton, NJ; The Lancaster Museum of Art, PA and The Ernst Museum in Budapest. His work has been featured in American Artist Magazine, International Artist Magazine, The New York Times, The Intelligencer, The Times, and other publications.

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